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I love my body, I eat right, I move regularly!

Trigoni Panagiota

Meet Panagiota

Panagiota Trygoni studied Dietician and nutritionist at the Alexandrio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and graduated in 2015 with a general grade of 8.73 "Excellent".

She held her practical exercise at the Dietary Department of "Vostanio" Hospital of Mytilene, while collaborating with the Hospital's External Diabetes Clinic, where she visited daily and was involved in the nutrition of diabetic patients.

Health tips

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Trigoni Panagiota | Our Office
Υπολογισμός Δείκτη Μάζας Σώματος

- Design customized nutrition programs.

- Body Composition Analysis Specialized measurements with the Tanita MC 780 multi-frequency lipometer based on the personal profile.

- Measurement of Basic Metabolism.

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